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Emily Matweow

Master Intuitive

Emily Matweow

Real Psychic-Intuition

When the Fairy Godmother said to Cinderella “Impossible things are happening every day.” she was speaking a universal truth – a truth that speaks to the impossible impact of Emily Matweow’s intuitive healing skills. She facilitates profound healing with individuals, and performance enhancing re-awakenings with businesses. Emily is the founder of Maverick Medicine and sees the fast track to “impossible” personal and business breakthroughs. Whether clients show-up with courage and openness, or come jaded and desperate, they must be willing to walk with her to that place where all things are possible. Tapping into this place, becoming the best you were designed to be, means letting go and embodying the everyday magic that is already in you.

Em’s own magical transformation came when she was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and told she would be hearing and vision impaired, lucky if only a paraplegic. Today she stands before us, living proof that the impossible is possible. Since 2000 she has helped more than 750 people step into their own “impossible”.

Dare to have your “impossibles” – there’s adventure and healing waiting for:

  • Unconditional versus Negotiated Relationships
  • Passionate De-Stressing
  • Sexual Healing
  • Manifesting
  • Personal Purpose versus Practiced Purposelessness
  • Deeper Spiritual Connection
  • Enhancing Intuitive Gifts

If you are ready to welcome impossibles into your life now, why wait even a moment longer…
Contact Emily at info@emily.org or 778-338-8099


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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“Emily has regularly worked on my 12 year old daughter who was on two very strong medications for anger, rage, defiance and other behavioral problems that surfaced most often with the stress of homework. She is now a joyful, funny, loving, brilliant child and so much fun to hang out with. Emily will not stop until a problem is resolved. We all need healers like Emily.”

-Brigitte DeSantos, Houston, TX


“I could hardly wait to tell Emily that my sister just called to say she sold her house- FULL PRICE OFFER and the couple were so ECSTATIC that she accepted their offer they broke down and CRIED! There were THREE solid offers to choose from. OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! My sister is SO HAPPY and I am SO PROUD of her! I am SO grateful for your clearing the energies that challenged this sale!”

-M.R. Bellevue, WA


“Your help in healing and solving my wife’s programs and issues is so greatly appreciated. I was astonished at the exuberance she had as she played with our grandson before bed last night. I had NEVER seen her “run” and play quite like that!”

-- C.A., Hollywood, FL


“Emily’s gifts have helped me in countless ways. Her sight is deep and expansive, and her ways are beyond most peoples reach. She has done the most incredible work for me and helped shaped the positive nature of my life. I will be forever grateful to her and know that she was placed on earth to do miraculous things in peoples’ and animals’ lives.

My bird, Rene, has never physically met her, but when I am on the phone with her, he fly’s to my shoulder and demands to talk with her, he loves her and she has helped him with his life challenges. Overall, I think a world without Emily would be a very different place. I know she has changed the landscape of this world through this shift in consciousness, for the better by far.”

-Rachael Stegall, Austin, TX


“Finding Emily was a blessing – she immediately, and permanently, helped me resolve complicated interferences causing me frustration and unhappiness, and move towards my highest purpose and know daily joy. She consistently uses talent, heart and wisdom to identify and correct my issues. The results have been so wonderful for me, my two sons and my husband, that I refer friends and clients to her. She is responsible for clearing the relationship between my (now) husband and I and allowed us to marry and share fulfilling lives.

Emily identifies items causing everything from a ‘bump in the road’ to illness and havoc and effectively neutralizes them. I am so grateful for her spirit, bravery, love, devotion and perpetual desire to grow! Thank you Em :D”

-Elizabeth Byszeski Classical Homeopath & SRT Practitioner, Northern CA


“This [recording] was excellent to listen to!!! I’ve committed to start implementing these ideas into my life. Thank you for sending this to me and the extra information and advice you passed along to me. I do really appreciate your time and energy. You have a way of getting me back on track very quickly. I was having a hard time letting go of a few things and was stuck in some old energy.”

-Jaclyn R Calgary, AB


“My ex was becoming more disagreeable about everything the closer things got to Christmas and I was becoming very sad that I might not be able to spend Christmas with my son and his mother like we had always done since our breakup. I was also concerned that the difficulties between my ex and I were upsetting our son. After Emily cleared the energies for everyone, not only did I get to spend Christmas with my son and his mother but my ex invited me to join her and our son to celebrate my birthday 10 days before Christmas. I am so grateful that not only was everything neutralized, in an almost magical way, but everyone had a fun, uncomplicated Christmas day.”

-Mike L Vancouver, BC


“I am truly astounded at how different I feel since my treatment with Emily. I feel unbelievably happy, giddy actually, so much so that my husband commented on the change. He likes it!! And I feel as though a dark cloud has been lifted and I have a clarity that has not been present in my life for sometime. I now realize just how loved and supported I am in this life and to have had the universe arrange for me to meet Emily and receive her generous help and the help of our guides. It is most humbling and has helped to re-ignite my spiritual quest.”

-Graciosa M Portugal


“Emily has made all things possible for me. I feel empowered and happy – it is so amazing; it has given me a feeling of being in my body and worthy. It feels as if she has taken my hand and walked this road with me – helped me to climb the steep hills, showed me a bright star to look at and given me hope and fished me out when I slid down into the water. I now stand on firm ground. I cannot thank her enough.”

-Amanda Lamprecht Seattle, WA


“She has taught me great techniques that I will practise regularly. The groundedness and the anchor are so good that I no longer experience a disorienting sense of vertigo when going out of body. And Emily has helped me understand that my Mom’s journey was hers alone and I can separate that from my time as her daughter and all the feelings that come with that relationship. This truth, which I knew, has found its way to my understanding and made it easier for me to accept Mom’s decision to go to the light. In beautiful synchronicity, Emily helped me to the realization that clarified the issue of non-attachment. The work she does is valuable and precious.

-Jacqi Dudley South Africa


“She heals the stories that heal all of us. The work Emily does is truly amazing through the integrity of her being and the joy and strength and winning spirit she radiates in her tone of voice, in her words and in her clearings. I don’t think she always knows how much she helps her clients along on this path and through their own dark nights of their souls and their forests of trails and how much gratitude they feel for her and her gifts and her care and love.”

-Ace Swerling Seattle, WA

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