No obligation Energy Check-up

Schedule a free “Energy Check-up” and experience what a healing intervention with your Foundation Energy feels like:

​• experience what it feels like to have a "clean" energy body

learn what I see in your energy body: aura, energy centers and meridians

experience what it feels like to have interference removed (with permission)

we’ll chat about your experience with, and expectations of, energy healing

we’ll explore how working together can help you achieve desired results

Thank you so much for [the Energy Checkup] today! I had so much energy and clarity after our session and got a bunch done today towards my business and a bunch of downloads about how I will be sharing my work, plus I received a glowing testimonial to my facebook page spontaneously, plus a lovely thank you from a client for our session yesterday so you definitely cleared a big block regarding being of service and impact!

Lindsay H.

Healing “out of whack” Foundation Energy can benefit infants, children, adults, animals, plants, and places.

As foundation energy shifts, there’s a ripple effect on our physical, emotional, and mental states:

•  The mood of your whole life will change  e.g. more rewarding, and dreams coming true

•  Your body will change  e.g. increased focus, more energy, better health, less pain

•  Your relationships will change  e.g. better connection with others and yourself

•  Your work and play will change  e.g. more vitality and fun

Call me when...

•  you can’t quite put your finger on why you’ve “lost your groove”

•  you’ve got that “oh-no!” feeling in the pit of your stomach

•  you’ve forgotten how it feels to feel good

•  you feel drained, or damaged, and want to feel complete and revitalized

•  relationships with family, friends, children, or co-workers are difficult

•  seems like you’re always being hurt or the same injury keeps repeating

•  you feel like you’re not living up to your potential and are looking for more

•  high physical/mental performance is a must

•  you’re curious about alternative medicine

Re-tuning your foundation energy + updating your Akashic records may:

Release your subconscious blocks to:

•  Harmonious relationships

•  Wealth and abundance

•  Self-love and esteem

•  Happiness

Break your old habits related to:

•  Childhood fears and phobias

•  Cravings and food abuse

•  Health abuse

•  Allergies

Release your repeating patterns

•  Repetition of the same mistakes

•  Relationships that don't work​

​•  Imprinted behaviours

•  Emotional difficulties

Empower yourself to

•  Deal with relationship conflicts

•  Break free from depression

•  Believe you are enough

•  Heal the past

Increase your energy

•  Replace negative thinking with positive

•  Become vital

Reach your full potential

•  Embody confidence and self-esteem

•  Freely make your own choices

•  Live in harmony with yourself

•  Discover focus and clarity

•  Achieve your dreams

•  Begin to live

Clear negative energies

•  Clear your energy field and that of others

Share and integrate information (consciously and through channeling or mediumship)

•  Around birth (including conception, and pregnancy)

•  Around death (including dying, the dying, and the dead)

I WORK REMOTELY.  The various techniques I use may include:

Energy Body Clearing and Repair​

Chakra Work

Spiritual Response Therapy

A dowsing modality that removes patterns of negative energy and programming from your past, present, or future lives, upgrades you/your High Self to higher vibrations, and releases pain

Spiritual Restructuring Therapy

Re-aligns the spine, joints, and muscles of the body; heals organs and glands; provides nutritional guidance; and synchronizes the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies

Healing interventions on Foundation Energy complements all conventional and alternative treatments.

​The work that Emily does is like nothing I have ever experienced before. As we sat chatting Emily was working on my energy body without any physical contact at all.  I could feel the energy in my heart and throat chakras and as I felt it the energy moved through my body. It was incredible and I have been feeling stronger and have been better able to handle the stress in my life. Thanks Emily, your work is amazing.

Kathy U

How Emily works...

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