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About Emily

Emily - Speaker

Emily Matweow

An Inspirational Speaker

Emily Matweow inspires audiences to know their Intuitive Self and shares wisdom that demonstrates simple ways to begin. Sharing powerful messages in understandable ways is the gift Em brings her audiences. She is an authentic, engaging story-teller with a charisma that inspires by example. She is also the author of The IN Club – Consciously Evolving Your Intuition.

Emily speaks from personal experience and stands before us as a successful example of what she seeks to instill in her listeners. Her genuine smile and gentle humor accompany her maverick brand of intuitive healing. Her unique approach is making her one of the newest sought out speakers today.

Her favorite speaking topics include:

  • INtuition Comes OUT
  • Intuitives Do It With Clairity
  • What You Are Capable of Accomplishing Intuitively?
  • Bonuses and Bouquets From Your Intuitive Self

Most importantly, Emily is happy to customize content to suit your needs.

Her stories provoke thought… Her honesty compels… Her unique perspectives intrigue

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“My husband was astonished at the exuberance I had as I played with my grandson before bed last night. He commented that he had NEVER seen me “run” and play quite like that!”

- Christie A Florida


“I feel unbelievably happy, giddy actually, so much so that my husband commented on the change. He likes it!! And I feel a clarity that has not been present in my life for some time. I now realize just how loved and supported I am in this life. It has helped to re-ignite my spiritual quest.”

- Graciosa M Portugal


“I feel empowered and happy – it has given me a feeling of being in my body and worthy. It feels as if she has taken my hand and walked this road with me – helped me to climb the steep hills and showed me a bright star to look at. I now stand on firm ground.”

- Amanda L South Africa


“My 12 year old daughter was on two very strong medications for anger, rage and other behavioral problems. She is now a joyful, funny, loving, brilliant child – so much fun to hang out with.”

- Brigitte D Texas

Emily is devoted to facilitating profound healing with individuals, and performance enhancing re-awakenings with businesses, who are willing to walk with her to that place where all things are possible – a place where you let go and embody the everyday magic that is already in you.


For more information about Emily Matweow

info@emily.org | 778-338-8099 | www.emily.org