Thank you so very much for helping me to achieve my peak performance levels during the past six years. With your help I have been able to win three World Masters Cycling Championships as well as contributing to a World Masters Record.

John M.

Emily's work has empowered me to make major life changes and to step into my own power. Her work helped me to further my career, to embrace success, and to clear old patterns that were holding me back. I continue working with Emily; it's been almost 8 years she has been working with me. I'll recommend Emily to anyone who is going through success or crisis, who is making changes in their life paths or anyone who has questions regarding health, career, family relationships, and spiritual insights.

Thank you Emily for being part of this journey with me. Your work and support is invaluable to me.

Amanda L.

I GOT THE JOB!!!! 🙂 I am OVER THE MOON and the only reason I haven't screamed is that I am afraid to alarm our tenants below. Thank you SO VERY MUCH Emily for your support through this. Since the beginning of summer you have been helping build my confidence and helped me find my ideal job which materialized when I asked for it. And now, I am IN! I am so thrilled and excited on many levels. The ideal job that I placed on paper and manifested these last 4-months, has arrived. aah…

T. W.
BC, Canada

For the last few months, I had been having trouble with decision-making, specifically in regards to changes in my career. I began to feel "stuck". I started working with Emily to help work on these issues and the outcome has been nothing short of amazing. Emily helped me clear a lot of the "junk" that was blocking me from being positive and she taught me how to work on focusing my thoughts more positively. Since then, an amazing job opportunity presented itself to me and I no longer felt the anxiety I had before. I have accepted the job offer and am 100% excited to start this new journey in my career. I cannot thank Emily enough for helping me get to this point!

Krystle P.

The work that Emily does is like nothing I have ever experienced before. As we sat chatting Emily was working on my energy body without any physical contact at all. I could feel the energy in my heart and throat chakras and as I felt it the energy moved through my body. It was incredible and I have been feeling stronger and better able to handle the stress in my life. thanks Emily, your work is amazing.

Kathy U.

Emily is very intuitive and uses her gift to help others. She has been especially effective with my children. She is truly genuine and simply a pleasure to work with!

Rudelie P.

Emily is very effective at getting to the heart of the matter at hand and sensitive to the needs of her client all at the same time. She was able to give me a focused course of action that resolved specific life issues.

I found her book, "The IN Club", to be a great read and learned many things about my own intuitive abilities. I benefited greatly from her training program and continue to use her services as challenges arise in my life.

I enthusiastically recommend Emily as a healer. Thank you Emily.

Philippe L.
BC, Canada

Emily has been a Miracle worker for my family, pets, friends and co-workers. Being a natural healer myself, I have a variety of experiences with different healers and learned from different teachers throughout my life. Emily gets to the root of the problem and helps you heal. She is not only a one of a kind healer but she is a wonderful teacher, mentor and spiritual counselor. She empowers her clients to heal and manifest a better way of life. I feel truly blessed in knowing Emily. Her amazing abilities and accuracy, has definitely been one of the best I've encountered in this lifetime. Thank you Emily for all your help and guidance throughout the years! You are a wonderful blessing for this world we live in.

Helen C.

I’m indescribably grateful for all your help. You’ve been a critical facilitator of my growth the last 6 years and I struggle to imagine how I would have done this without you.

Ace S.

Em’s powerful work transforms lives. She is a uniquely gifted healer who I consult to enhance my personal and professional life. I’ve known her for many years and continue to highly value her insight, integrity and commitment.

Lynn B. 
AB, Canada

Emily’s gifts have helped me in countless ways. Her sight is deep and expansive, and her ways are beyond most peoples reach. She has done the most incredible work for me and has shaped the positive nature of my life. I will be forever grateful to her and know that she was placed on earth to do miraculous things in people and animals lives’. My bird, René, has never physically met her, but when I am on the phone with her, he flies to my shoulder and demands to talk with her, he loves her and she has helped him with his life challenges. Overall, I think a world without Emily would be a very different place. I know she has changed the landscape of this world through this shift in consciousness, for the better by far.

Rae S.

My bird, René, has never physically met her, but when I am on the phone with her, he flies to my shoulder and demands to talk with her, he loves her and she has helped him with his life injuries and challenges.

René  and Rae S.

For two months Emily regularly worked on my 12-year old daughter for behavioral problems of anger, rage, and defiance. She is now a joyful, funny, loving, brilliant child and so much fun to hang out with. Emily will not stop until a problem is resolved. We all need people like Emily.

Brigitte D.

I am so grateful and appreciative of the work Emily does for my whole family. It is always such a relief and blessing knowing there is always hope and that something that can be done for anything and any situation. From simple issues to stressful ones, there is always something that can be cleared, healed and balanced to improve and help us. Emily has helped my family in so many ways and we are very fortunate to have her use her combination of skills, knowledge and intuition. My children and I have benefited incredibly over the years.

Sandi B.
AB, Canada

Emily is a gifted healer. My sessions with her have led to transformation in many areas of my life that were being affected. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started working with her, but she made me feel completely safe and I came away with deep insight into the issues we processed, as well as a sense of peace and clarity that I had never had before. She works with sincere kindness and compassion, and she is able to gently navigate to the truth of a question without judgment. She also has a wonderful sense of humor that I find very grounding. Emily has assisted me through some very tough times recently, and I am truly grateful for the comfort and strength that I have received from my sessions with her. I can recommend Emily with my whole heart!

Emmanuel D.
WC, South Africa

Wow!!!  So refreshing. I wasn't expecting to feel better so quickly.  I really appreciate all you've done.  It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Thank you so much!  I should know to reach out when I'm drained and feeling low.  My energy level is so much better this week. It's so great!

Christine L.

I'm back on track again. I've been implementing my new perspectives and attitudes in my business and I am already seeing positive shifts and $$$ arriving! I love it. thank God you are in my life.

F. F.

I always feel so useful and valued in the world after we release my limiting beliefs. That's such a huge gift for me!!! Emily, the perspectives I discover are really meaningful!! Our conversations delight, inform, and engage me and, in my view, genuinely leave me with a feeling of real meaning and direction.

D. W.

Emily's work has brought priceless benefit to me and my family. She not only brings expert healing capability and amazing accuracy to her work, she is also dedicated to assisting her clients in uncovering and using their own gifts. She brings compassion, integrity and humor to her work.

Marina N.

It was such a tremendous blessing to find Emily and receive immediate and permanent resolution to those blocks and complicated interference in my life and progression toward my highest purpose and joy. She has the abilities, tools, heart and wisdom to reach and correct issues that no one else was able to. Emily's results have not only been wonderful for me, but also my husband (in fact she is responsible for clearing what blocked our relationship from being fulfilled previously), my 2 sons, friends, and clients. It is ever amazing the items that cause anything from a “bump in the road” to illness and havoc even if we are doing everything else right. She is able to find these and effectively get them out of the way. I am also so grateful for her spirit, bravery, love, devotion and perpetual desire to grow! Thank you Em.

Lisbeth B.

Emily has made all things possible for me. I feel empowered and happy - it is so amazing; it has given me a feeling of being in my body and worthy. It feels as if she has taken my hand and walked this road with me - helped me to climb the steep hills, showed me a bright star to look at and given me hope and fished me out when I slid down into the water. I now stand on firm ground. I cannot thank her enough.

Lucy M.

She has taught me great techniques that I will practice regularly. The groundedness and the anchor are so good that I no longer experience a disorienting sense of vertigo when going out of body. And Emily has helped me understand that my Mom’s journey was hers alone and I can separate that from my time as her daughter and all the feelings that come with that relationship. This truth has made it easier for me to accept Mom’s decision to go to the light. The work she does is valuable and precious.

Elena P.
KDA, Cyprus

This was excellent to listen to!!! I've committed to start implementing these ideas into my life. Thank you for sending this to me and the extra information and advice you passed along to me. I do really appreciate your time and energy. You have a way of getting me back on track very quickly. I was having a hard time letting go of a few things and was stuck in some old energy.

Robin R.
ON, Canada

My ex was becoming more disagreeable about everything the closer things got to Christmas and I was becoming sad that I might not be able to spend Christmas with my son and his mother like we had always done since our breakup. I was also afraid that the difficulties between my ex and I were upsetting our son. After Emily cleared the energies for everyone, not only did I get to spend Christmas with my son and his mother but my ex invited me to join her and our son to celebrate my birthday 10 days before Christmas. I am so grateful that not only were the energies neutralized but it seemed so too were the egos and everyone had a fun, uncomplicated Christmas day.

Mike E.
SK, Canada

It makes such a difference when there is a profound breakthrough in healing work and when someone as caring as Emily understands what has been going on. She is a wonderful, exceptional woman and this planet loves her very much as do I.

Trudy B.

It was such a giant relief to know that Bailey's pain, and his spirit, just wouldn't quit, knowing and directing me to a solution that had been elusive for the couple of years I listened to others' advice. It means more than I have words to express, that my 6-year old dog is recovering and will be completely well again soon.

Tammy H. and Bailey,
AB, Canada

Muffin, my Shih Tzu-Bichon, had kidney problems in her old age. After 3 weeks of treatment with Emily, the vet no longer needed to keep her on pills. Thank you so much for your help!

Doreen M. and Muffin,

Your help in healing and solving my wife’s programs and issues is so greatly appreciated. I was astonished at the exuberance she had as she played with our grandson before bed last night. I had NEVER seen her “run” and play quite like that!

C. A.

My life has become so wonderful Emily! Your valuable insights and loving service are deeply appreciated. I feel a lightness that I never realized had been missing and a new sense of delight with life and all because I have begun to address my limiting beliefs. Much love…

Yvette L.
PQ, Canada

You are worth it! My neck still feels better since our last conversation. Thanks for the assistance. With heaps of gratitude!

Anne T.
ON, Canada

I could hardly wait to tell Emily that my sister just called to say she sold her house- FULL PRICE OFFER and the couple were so ECSTATIC that she accepted their offer they broke down and CRIED! There were THREE solid offers to choose from. OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! My sister is SO HAPPY and I am SO PROUD of her! I am SO grateful for your clearing the energies that challenged this sale!

M. R.
MB, Canada

Your help in healing and solving my wife’s programs and issues is so greatly appreciated. I was astonished at the exuberance she had as she played with our grandson before bed last night. I had NEVER seen her “run” and play quite like that!

C. A.

I am truly astounded at how different I feel since my treatment with Emily. I feel unbelievably happy, giddy actually, so much so that my husband commented on the change. He likes it!! And I feel as though a dark cloud has been lifted and I have a clarity that has not been present in my life for sometime. I now realize just how loved and supported I am in this life and to have had the universe arrange for me to meet Emily and receive her generous help and the help of our guides. It is most humbling and has helped to re-ignite my spiritual quest.

Graciosa M.
FA, Portugal