I began seeing spirits at the age of three, and my earliest memories are of another lifetime. When I spoke of these and other childhood experiences, my parents told me to keep quiet and not talk to anyone about them. For a long time, I struggled to understand what I now call my intuitive gifts.

I was diagnosed with MS and told I would be hearing and vision impaired, lucky if only a paraplegic. Every month for more than three years I worked on restoring my wellness. After nine years, my neurologists decided there were no reasons for me to visit them again. The MS diagnosis was my wake-up call. I proved I could use my intuitive healing powers to beat the MS disease, and from this success came my profound desire to lessen the load for others struggling with wellness issues.

A decade after the MS diagnosis I had a high-speed collision with a bull moose while driving a frail little convertible. The car was a complete wreck. The moose died. My body was severely injured. Doctors didn't believe full recovery was possible. Two years later I placed 3rd in a provincial Salsa championship. My doctors were shocked to see how much I’d healed - and how quickly. My intuitive healing abilities delivered my complete recovery.

The collision, and healing process that followed, inspired me to transition from my former senior IT management world to a new life as a Healer. I initially relied on the intuitive healing powers I’d had since childhood, remotely providing energetic healing for people, animals, and the land they lived on. Wanting to expand my knowledge and healing skills I began studying healing modalities. By facilitating healing breakthroughs with individuals, and performance enhancements for businesses, I have helped over 800 private clients around the world overcome their various challenges.

Working with my clients over the years, I came to discover that our victories in life come from us “believing we can”, and our frustrations in life come from “believing we can’t.”

This self-evident truth hit me like a ton of bricks when I started to write a book about intuition (that we are all born with it, and how we can easily enhance that natural gift). I began having difficulty opening my mouth and experienced pains in my hands. It seems I didn’t believe I should write that book. My body supported that belief physically, disabling me from typing, and even talking about the book. As soon as I realized that it was my self-imposed, limiting beliefs triggering my physical challenges, I changed those negative beliefs. The book was finished. I’m happy and well. If you'd like to own copy of “The IN Club – Consciously Evolving Your INtuition”, I'm happy to get you one or you may order one from Amazon.

Since our own self-imposed limiting beliefs are major contributors to our physical, emotional, and relationship health (taken together, our Foundation Energy) I intervene energetically to rewrite my clients' limiting beliefs into beliefs that better serve them. I am able to do this, in part, by dialoging with your chakras. 

There's healing in it. Clients find themselves suddenly freer to pursue what they never before dared imagine the would, or just start those things they've always wanted to do but kept putting off.  In addition to the energy work I do, we now energetically re-write their limiting beliefs (BeliefSmithingSM). There’s healing in it. Clients also find themselves suddenly free to pursue what they never before dared imagine they would, or things they’ve always wanted to do. They say that having me tune-up their Foundation Energy is freeing and energizing.

I have committed my life to having people break-through their healing crises and limiting beliefs to live the full potential of their lives. I help people have profound healing experiences. I heal Foundation Energy. 

Thank you so very much for helping me to achieve my peak performance levels during the past six years. With your help I have been able to win three World Masters Cycling Championships as well as contributing to a World Masters Record.

John M.